Art Business Certificate Program by TBBCAtl & Deborah Gonzalez


Art Business Certificate Program
a 6 month entrepreneur course for artists and creatives.

What is it?!
League of Art Entrepreneurs
“Cultivating, Nurturing and Protecting your Creative Career”

League of Art Entrepreneurs is a business program focused on copyrights, trademarks, business planning and contracts needed in the life of a art entrepreneur.

Artists will receive one on one advice and guidance from Art/Intellectual Property Attorney Deborah Gonzalez Esq and every artist who completes the program will automatically have access to Art Is King conference in November 8-10.

The November 9th Mano A Mano Art Show will feature the artwork of the League of Art Entrepreneurs.

The Cost of the Program for LAE is $59 a month for 6 months.
The site of the program will be announced soon.
Click here to view the Syllabus and Scheduled Dates.

Syllabus and APPLICATION FORM available at:

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